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Massage Therapy

Mountains and Sun
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If you are booking an appointment, you may Schedule Online or call us
at: 518.636.5447.

*Age Policies:  Spa services are not available for children under the age 18 without a parent or guardian present. If your child qualifies for medical massage/myofascial release technique a physician's note and parent presence will be required. 

All Spa Studio massage therapy comes with complimentary aromatherapy or CBD oil! Custom blended by our aromatherapist/herbalist in 8 exclusive scents! Our oils and lotion are nut and paraben free~Unscented oil is also available!

*A credit card number is required to reserve services.  

We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, and AMERICAN EXPRESS. Touchless options include Venmo or PayPal. Please provide a gift certificate number when scheduling your appointment.

Swedish Massage

This is the standard relaxation massage, perfect for a first timer or anyone looking for 

a restful session.  It is a light to moderate pressure massage, with long, fluid strokes to promote relaxation and rejuvenation.






Deep Tissue Massage

This is for those who prefer deeper pressure, targeted focus and intensive bodywork.  This massage is not recommended for pregnant women, elderly folks or those trying massage for the first time. It is important to communicate with your therapist to get the level of pressure you desire. Deep tissue should never be painful, with a goal of positive therapeutic results.







Custom Fit Massage

This treatment is for those looking for specific area focus, or a fusion of styles. The therapist will create a session based on your needs and desired results. The session may include kinesio-taping, hydrotherapy (hot or cold compress), warm stones, stretching or a variation in pressure.






Pregnancy Massage

Relaxation and pampering for the mom-to-be! Pressure is gentle with a focus on wellness, relaxation and pain relief.  Clients have their choice of side-lying position, or trying our signature "Preggo-Pillow" allowing for comfort and safety while lying face down.  Please include how far along you are at time of booking. 

*A physician's note is required for first trimester or high risk pregnant clients.


45 Min/$60


(*Prenatal is not available in longer duration)

Hot Stone Massage

Incorporating warmed basalt stones into a relaxing Swedish-inspired massage for ultimate relaxation. Perfect for soothing sore muscles, improving circulation and warming the spirit. Incorporating warmed basalt stones into a relaxing Swedish-inspired massage for ultimate relaxation. Perfect for soothing sore muscles, improving circulation and warming the spirit.






Cupping Therapy

Cupping is an ancient healing modality that involves suction cups applied to specific areas of pain and congestion to decrease inflammation, alleviate pain and speed recovery and healing. Effective and long lasting, this treatment is perfect for those seeking injury or surgical rehab, pain relief or detoxification.  

*(For Belly Cupping, schedule "Digestive Wellness Treatment 30 min/$45))





Myofascial Release Technique

MFR is a connective tissue treatment involving a client fully clothed and comfortably positioned, while a specially trained practitioner utilizes gentle holds to influence the 

body's fascia system. MFR alleviates structural restriction due to past injuries, surgeries, physical or emotional traumas. It is very effective for autoimmune diseases such as Lime. It is important to realize MFR is not a muscle focused massage session, but performed with very slow and stationary holds and is powerfully effective. 

 (Not available in 30 minute session).





*Not available in 30 minutes

Craniosacral Therapy

This gentle healing modality utilizes a specific set of holds to influence the cerebral spinal fluid and cranial bones to relax and reset, allowing for the body's natural vitality to flow and alleviate stress, dis-ease and emotional unrest. Beneficial for those who suffer chronic headaches, stress, emotional issues and chronic pain.


Herbal Infusions Massage

A deeply restorative massage featuring a full body Thai herbal poultice compress, and your choice of one of our custom herbal massage blends~ Carefully crafted by our onsite herbalist with many of the herbs harvested locally. The herbs are steeped for weeks in jojoba oil to yield a highly therapeutic, yet earthy and gently scented oil that soothes skin and supports wellness. Choose from: Immunity Boost (ginger, rosemary, eucalyptus, allspice and clove) Mood Lift (elderberry, hibiscus, rosemary and green tea), Pain Relief (balsam fir and white pine) or Sleep Support (lavender, chamomile and St. Johns Wort).


Dream Catcher Massage & Spa Treatment

A full body massage featuring a spa treatment for the back!  After a muscle soothing massage, a of lavender exfoliating scrub cleanses the back; then your choice of geranium-infused red clay or chamomile-infused Dead Sea mud is warmed and painted on to the back. A hot towel compress will keep the back warm and cozy, followed by a hot towel cleanse, dry brushing, and a botanical moisturizing butter to reveal fresh skin.


Reflexology Foot Massage

This acupressure foot massage focuses on pressure points that correlate to areas of the 

body, tapping into the body's natural healing potential. Perfect for those who like foot work, or looking for a gentler approach to healing.



Utilizing Universal Healing Energy and the body's natural ability to relax and alleviate 

stress, reduce pain and enhance your well being.  Performed with the client fully clothed 

and protocol includes both hands on and off the body for treatment. All Spa Studio therapists are trained in the Usui Method of Reiki.


Peaceful Ambition Reiki & Massage Treatment

A unique combination of soothing massage with the healing energy work of the Usui method Reiki! Perfect for stress and pain relief and gentle energy stimulation, or for those who are looking to try Reiki, but still reap the massage benefits!



Unwindings Thai Yoga Massage

This ancient treatment is designed to loosen joints, alleviate muscle soreness and restore the body. Wear loose comfortable clothing and relax on a cozy mat, while a specially trained therapist assists you through gentle stretching and incorporates compressions along meridians to stimulate the body's natural energies. Available with Erica or Jessica.


Manual Lymphatic Drainage

 A very gentle, light form of bodywork (not a massage) that focuses on draining lymph fluid and excess water from swollen areas. This technique can be used to help relieve symptoms from not only lymphadema but also bloating, headaches, swelling from surgery as well as many other issues. (Safe to receive 6-8 hours post surgery.)

30 min/$55
60 min/$95

Anxiety Ease Massage

75 minute relaxing massage featuring a special blend of aroma oils to calm the central nervous system, with the added benefit of a weighted blanket to ease tension.

75 min/$100

Healing Waters Lomi Lomi Massage

This treatment is inspired by traditional Hawaiian lomilomi massage. With long soothing strokes, a unique draping style and a total body rhythmic sequence inspired by the Polynesian waves; A special massage unlike any other. Available with Erica or Jessica.



Couples Massage

Two therapists work side by side in the same room to provide pampering for you and a loved one.  The massages are Swedish style and include your choice of aromatherapy oil! Perfect for couples, gal pals or mother & daughter!  (Upgrade to deep tissue or hot stone $10)







(per couple)

Earth & Wood Ashiatsu Massage

An Asian-inspired massage in which the therapist utilizes their feet to provide a full depth restorative massage. The client relaxes on a lowered table or floor mat and the therapist uses overhead/specialized bars for balance and support. This massage tends to be more deep and intense bodywork. Available with Jessica or Erica only.


Full Body

Massage Add-Ons

-Dry Hands Healer (collagen moisturizing gloves wrapped for warmth for skin soothing and softening)

-Express Foot Reflexology (pressure points on the soles of the feet to stimulate the body's natural energy)

-Hot Stone Lower Leg & Foot Massage (Warmed stones massaged into calves and feet to ease muscle soreness)

-Allergy Buster Sinus Treatment (Gentle facial massage, cupping, jade rolling and hot towels decongest and open the sinuses)



*These add-ons do not add time to services*

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