Spray Tanning with Norvell

Spray Tan is currently unvailable due to Covid-19; Please check back for updates....

If you would like to book an appointment please call us at: 518.636.5447. Online booking unavailable.
*Norvell is a botanical based, vegan, gluten free tanning solution applied to the skin in a misted spray! This brand, as seen on "Dancing with the Stars" is highlighted in many spa publications as the best sunless tan!
*Your skin will be a healthy glow, without the orange or streaking of a fake tan, or the potential skin damage of a tanning booth! No chemical smell or icky foams and lotions, and is easy on sensitive skin. 

Spray Tan

Full Body application $40


Exfoliating is very important for an even application.

Avoid using bar soaps, high PH shower products or in-shower

moisturizers. Waxing, shaving and the use of depilatory creams

must be done no less than 24 hours before application.


Please avoid swimming, or hot tub soaking for up to 8 hours post tan as they may cause the tan to fade. 

Showering after a spray tan may cause the tan to run and fade. If possible do not shower for several hours post application. Keep your skin moisturized and be sure to wear a sunscreen when exposed to the sun. With proper care, a sunless tan can last 7-10 days. 

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