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Aromatherapy & Herbs with Erica Keays

Mountains and Sun
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Aromatherapy and herbs can help assist your daily living with many benefits!
*Some of the health benefits of aromatherapy/herbs include: 
-Hormone balancing
-Boosts immune system
-Improves brain and organ functions
-Reduces stress
-Reduces anxiety
-Alleviates pain and achey joints
-Aids healthy skin and nails
-Digestive support
-Balancing the "terrain"

Aromatherapy/Herbal Consultation

Enjoy a one on one consultation with our certified aromatherapist and

herbalist Erica Keays.

Learn the benefits of incorporating essential oils and herbs into your daily

life, as well safety protocols. Create a custom blend sample

product and take an aroma inhaler of a blend of your choice.

Includes 10% off any essential oil purchase!

60 min/ $75

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